Essendon Home, Victoria, Australia

Colour and delight in a fully Accessible Liveable Sustainable Home.

In this era where natural resources are under threat of depletion, it is not surprising that people start adopting energy efficient and green living.  Green architecture is the part of the same campaign. People are building homes that are self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.

Designing a sustainable building for energy building efficiency and low on-going maintenance requires early consideration at the beginning of the house design; at Concept Design. This was the challenge put forward by the clients to BP Architects with the Essendon home, as well as making the home fully accessible for a motorized wheelchair.

A Brief Description

The home positioning on the south boundary, the use of recycled timber, rainwater tank and water conservation were given due consideration during the designing of the Essendon house. The house was designed to have little dependency on artificial light, heating and cooling.  ‘Only on the coldest consecutive winter day the localized bar heater is used at half the maximum heat, for a few hours to maintain comfortable air temperatures’, Dorothy Hatch, Essendon Home.

Detailed Feature Description

The main focus while designing this house was to make it energy efficient and to incorporate green architecture with low maintenance.  Windows around the house were placed with intelligent planning. The windows on the east, west and south of the house were kept minimal. Windows were placed high with the ability to open and positioned to provide good ventilation and exhausting stratified hot air during the night.

Windows on the north were designed in the master bedroom to keep the room warm. Tiled flooring was installed adjacent to the windows, for thermal mass which help maintain constant and comfortable indoor temperatures.

The Weather Conditions

Located in an inner city suburb, and surrounded by brick walls and fences, the house was positioned away from the north boundary on the south boundary. This planning ensured that the house received solar heat from the north glazed façade during the winter season.

Energy Efficiency

The sustainable building and green architecture features include:

  • Air Transfer Ducts
  • Thermal Mass in the floor slab
  • Tiled flooring adjacent to north windows
  • High windows to exhaust hot air
  • In-Ground Rainwater Tank
  • On demand Recirculating hot water ring
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Solar Pergola and Sun Shading and much more

These features ensured that the house was a sustainable energy efficient home.


While a great example of green architecture the design of the house provides a sense of space and volume. Flexibility is designed into the planning so that spaces can be open and closed, increasing air volumes, as required by weather conditions.

Award winning architects, BP Architects have expertise in designing environmental friendly homes that are also contemporary in their appearance and facilities.

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