Warragul Home, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

An architecturally designed home; designed to be a safe haven free from chemicals and allergens.

The Clients of the Warragul home wanted the best of both a traditional and a contemporary home, with good indoor air quality and low levels of electromagnetic radiation.


Clients in front of their new kitchen

With severe, multiple, chemical allergies and intolerances, the Clients’ required an allergy free home. BP Architects specialise in green architecture and designing sustainable buildings and the Clients were pleased to learn that Bridget (BP Architects) ‘had additional qualifications in the field of ‘allergy’ [sic] architecture.’  Furthermore, the Clients wanted a home that was easy to clean and maintain.

A Brief Description

The clients had retired from a farm and wanted a lifestyle change.  The traditional use of brick veneer construction on the exterior of the home with an interior reflecting a modern and contemporary lifestyle.

BP Architects specified non-toxic building materials to be used in the construction of this home. In some instances, the Clients were given samples of other building products to ensure that there would be no immediate reaction to these products.


Kitchen, Warragul Home

Detailed Feature Description

The most important aspect in the design of the Warragul Home was to design the home as allergy free safe home. Many people suffer from several different allergies and it is important for them to reduce their exposure to allergens. Materials and finishes specified by BP Architects, used in the construction of this home, contained low or zero levels of chemicals or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emitting products.  The Clients’ stated that they ‘did not suffer from any allergic responses or chemical sensitivities on moving into their new home’.

According to a study of CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), many new homes constructed in Melbourne or those that are recently renovated, have higher levels of pollutants inside the house than their exterior environment.

The Weather Conditions

The Warragul Home is located in a suburban setting with views towards the Strzelecki ranges. Located in a temperate climate, the Warragul home was designed with sun shading and natural ventilation for summer cooling and flexibility in opening and closing volumes within the home, and high performance windows and high levels of insulation for winter warmth.

Energy Efficiency

Designed as an energy efficient sustainable home, the airlock entry reduced unwanted hot air or cold air from entering the home.   The airlock entry also provided a transition zone between the external environment and the safe haven of the interiors.


Airlock entry provides a safe transition from the exterior to the safe haven of the interior


The Clients wanted a traditional brick veneer house and with the addition of clay roof tiles, the home took on a Mediterranean look.

The Client said that the laundry was her favourite room.  With glass doors, and views to the garden, an abundant of day lighting and the clean aesthetic and functionally designed layout made it an ideal workspace. The reflection pool in the garden adds a calming influence to the surrounds.


The Client’s favorite room; The Laundry

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