West St Kilda House, Victoria, Australia

A Heritage cottage designed to be a Green, Innovative, Sustainable, and Contemporary Home.


This home consists of a contemporary double storey extension to an existing heritage cottage that is over 110years old.  It combines the functions of a mixed use building providing workspace, health and Wellness facilities and accommodation.

In addition to a good example of sustainable building design and green architecture, the home provides an environmental aesthetic in the form of courtyards, roof garden and balcony. The design also incorporates a strong visual connection to the surrounding parklands and gardens, meeting the needs of the Clients who have strong convictions to green living and lifestyle.

A Brief Description

The new contemporary extension, built to the rear of the existing heritage cottage, maintains the character of the cottage with a visual and physical separation of the old and the new architecture with use of the courtyard and roof garden.  The existing cottage was restored and utilized as studio offices providing the workspace needs of the residents.

Detailed Feature Description

The intelligent design by BP Architects allows for the transition from the heritage cottage into a contemporary home while making it self-sufficient and sustainable. The home is open and light with a high aspect of luxurious spacious quality.

The design was planned to keep the visual connection to the surrounding environment including views to the canopy of the Australian native cherry tree.

The Weather Conditions

The West st Kilda home is located in an inner city suburb with shared neighbouring party and boundary walls.  The House has views of the gardens, parklands and tree tops connecting the occupants to the surrounding environment with vistas and scenes.

Energy Efficiency

BP Architects specialise in designing sustainable buildings that help you live in a green way. The design of this house includes phase change materials, providing thermal mass for maintaining indoor temperatures, LED energy efficient lighting and features and 7.2 KWh photovoltaic (PV) array.  The PV array exports enough power for 9 homes.  The Brief called for energy & water efficiency & production.  Clients stated that “the performance of the building has fulfilled these requirements”.

The house while being contemporary and innovative in design is highly energy efficient. The house feature low household energy consumption, comfortable indoor air temperatures, natural day lighting levels, a solar courtyard facing the north and much more.

Clients stated that the “downstairs rooms remain cool even after successive days in excess of 40 degrees” and that the “house is so well insulated that even on the coldest days only minimal intervention from the Hydronic heating system has been needed’. 


The roof form allows for sky windows and saw tooth roof. The sky window faces north bringing in warmth from the winter sun. The aesthetic of the house is enhanced by interconnecting courtyards, balcony and a roof garden. The Sawtooth roof provides soft diffuse southern day lighting to living areas & a north facing roof platform for the photovoltaic array.

The design intelligently combines green architecture and innovation. The house allows the residents to live with high standards of luxury while not compromising on their convictions for green living. In a time when people want to live with convenience and accessible technology, it becomes a challenge to cut down your ecological footprint on the environment. BP Architects uses their expertise in this field to design Sustainable homes that meet the needs and specific requirements of their clients, are environmentally friendly and also speak of modern architecture.


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